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On this website you can find synonyms in 36 languages for free and easily with the help of our search function. What are synonyms anyway? Synonyms are linguistic expressions that have a similar meaning. Accordingly, two or more words with a similar or the same meaning are synonymous. Our database currently contains millions of synonyms, which is currently the largest database for similar words worldwide and supports you in writing, for example, a term paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis. In the 36 languages we offer, you can find the synonyms you are looking for, in addition to your own language! To try this process, you can enter your desired word in the search function. If there is a match in our database, you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding directory. If we do not find a match, we will offer alternative terms in an uncomplicated way. Each directory shows synonyms of the desired word, related words, preceding and following words, which will help you in the process of choosing an alternative word. With the upcoming offer of a comment function we want to provide give every user room for discussion and suggestions. Do you have any questions? Then scroll down. We have answered the most frequently asked questions of our users.

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By clicking the button named Language you can set your correct language. Please note that you will only find results in the same language. For example, if you want to search for Spanish synonyms, you must set your language to Spanish, even though you are German.

Yes, you can use our database free of charge. We are financed by advertisements.

Currently you can't add synonyms or similar words. Please contact us if you have any tips.

At the moment it is not possible to comment. However, we are currently working on a comment function.

The related words we have marked represent a relative connection to the searched word. An absolute connection is not always guaranteed.

No, downloading this database is not possible.

If you get a 404 error, feel free to contact us.

Andreas Krause, resident of Cologne (Germany) and founder as well as developer of this website, is behind this platform. While writing various student research papers, Andreas Krause came up with the idea of developing an interactive, international synonym database for students.

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